How to choose a worthy ICO for investment?

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There are thousands of ICOs on the market and each of them is promising returns beyond beliefs and helpful bonuses. Sounds lucrative. However, before investing your money to every good-looking project, take the trouble to check them. The chances of encountering a fraud are quite high.

There are couple of basic rules that every investor should know by heart. For example, the first thing you should do is to read the whitepaper carefully. This document is supposed to contain vital information about the project, like plan of actions, essential milestones etc. The more detailed explanation-the better. A well-written whitepaper indicates a trustworthy project, where the team knows exactly what to do and how to achieve results. Speaking of the team, this important detailcan’t stay unnoticed or ignored. All team members must be experienced in the field they are representing. Each member should have a link to social media. If, on the contrary, the team members are hidden, or do not have sufficient expertise, this is a sure mark of a scam. Checking a community and social media is also a good idea.

So, you have checked the white paper, the team, read all of the reviews on all kinds of blogs and now you are sure about your investment choice. The question is where to buy ICO tokens. The answer is simple- crypto exchange. Tokens are a popular investment nowadays, so almost any exchange offers a vide choice of those assets. Binapex is not an exception, all the most popular tokens as BAT, GNY and IOST are already available there. The exchange uses the two-factor authentication to ensure user security. Needless to say, all requirements of Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Client policies are strictly met.

ICOs are gaining the market now and attract a great deal of investors. Yet, one can never be too careful.

Key of success in cryptocoin ICO is to buy it early

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As the world is being modernized and technology is taking over in all aspects of our life, there is no time left in such era where money will be totally in the digital form. AS we clearly know, the crypto world is still in its underlying phases of advancement and appropriation. The job of Crypto Trend is to give fair data, so financial specialists can all the more likely gauge the perils and the future capability of this exceptionally unpredictable segment of investment, one that we have marked the “wild west.’ If you’re willing to acknowledge the dangers, you can anticipate genuine benefit openings. There is no doubt that there will be a war between ico vs cryptocurrency. But for now they both are going hand in hand to provide us with the benefits like:

More financial benefit

A digital way of saving vault

No tax on profit we make from it

Digital forms of money hold incredible guarantee for what’s to come. They can reform cash, injecting discipline into financial strategy. Shockingly, the crypto space likewise has a clouded side. It experiences free norms, faulty administrators, exorbitant publicity, and periodic market crashes. Likewise, purchasing the real cryptographic forms of money can be an awkward procedure, and as noted beneath, governments are currently venturing in decentralized exchange ico, attempting to make sense of how they can make a piece of that move as tax charges, expenses, or a few yet to be made technique for taking your cash from you.

Ethereum token wallet

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Ethereum is an open software platform created through the blockchain technology.  And a token is any digital asset that is created on this block chain platform. These tokens are similar to bitcoin but cannot be used as actual currencies used in day-to-day life like the bitcoins. An ERC20 token is the most popular.

Ethereum token wallet is the gateway to decentralized applications on the blockchain. You can build your Ethereum token wallet.  By holding your own Ethereum token wallet you can use your currency for whatever purpose you wish. By creating your own wallet you can free your funds from third-party control. Because of this a lot of investors are heading towards creating their own wallet leading to a natural rise in demand for these wallets.

While creating your own wallet investors should ensure that their wallets have private keys, Easy user interface, compatibility with different operating systems and back up and restore facilities. An absence of any one of these features might put their fund at risk.

Following are some wallets for Ethereum that can be used by investors to store their funds safely:

1. Binance.

2. KuCoin.

3. Cex.

4.Bitterex .

5. Changelly.


With time these tokens will surely increase their value and make you rich if you keep them safe.

Coin News

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According to the coin news the curiosity among the people for ICO is rising every day. This technology is used by hundreds of start-up projects for raising their funds. There are many companies sailing with the strategies connected to ICO chains.  The top coin ICO news will give you a brilliant idea on the promising crypto currencies. You will also come know about the future initial coin offerings as well.

ICOS are numerous in number and popularity. The original coin offerings come with diversity of benefits. This is a sort of backing process that is having the cryptocurrencies. People tend to give a quick look for the latest ones. Some of the most top scaled and up and coming crypto coins are Sapien, Vertex, Zcash, Dash, NEO, Steem etc. You can have a look at the floating website and gain the information about each one in finer details. This way you can rely on the current upcoming coin news in cryptocurrency world and can easily take part in the forthcoming coin sale.

Few of the best ICO service providers are as follows:







How to invest in cryptocurrency?

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In the ruling world of crypto currency, Bitcoin is the king then Ethereum is the queen.

Ethereum (ETH’s) price has risen significantly as its one of the most evident crypto currency right now. It trades under the representation of ETH, is the given name for the crypto currency symbol native to Ethereum’s  blockchain-based contract platform.

Well, the code printed on the Ethereum blockchain can’t be distorted, tempered, or hacked. This tamper-proof characteristic ensured by cryptography makes it an appealing application of the blockchain technology. Ethereum is not just only a blockchain. it’s also  a decentralized programmable block chain-based software display place. Yes, you can say that its conjugal to its crypto currency advantage.

So how to invest in crypto currency? First of all you need to decide about how much to invest, where to invest and which kind of crypto currency you need to invest in. It is also essential to be strategic in understanding the basic fundamentals of a digital asset. Primary analyses are the top indicators for long-term investors so you’ll require a basic understanding of how a coin or Initial Coin Offering (ICO) works, about its history and also what it offers before choosing to contribute in its growth.

Here is a short list of the upcoming cryptocurrencies:






What is ICO?

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ICO is the abbreviation for Initial Coin Offering and is the starting point of any cryptocurrency. It involves a blockchain technology and the people investing in the newly launched cryptocurrencies by investing in ICOs can have a share in the currency and pay with the help of other cryptocurrencies or real money as well. The question here arises is that how is the Crypto ICO different from stock IPO?

ICO has particularly garnered the attention of those traders who are looking to make some quick money and the initial stages of the ICO are basically gathering money and crowd and one needs to know ICO before investing. In many ways it is quite similar to IPO but the main points of difference include the presence of some mandatory regulations that govern and recognize IPO but there is no such case for ICO. The whitepaper for ICO includes all the important points and terms and conditions. However, the company might include and exclude any points without any organization to answer to and is a concern among patrons regarding the lack of clarity and transparency.

Another major difference between IPO and ICO is their utility and value. While IPO stocks can be classified into common stock or hybrid and so on and their value can be redeemed in the future. Whereas, the value of the ICO stock depends on its utility and it increases with more adoption of the coin but it entirely depends on how the coin is created.

Top ICOs

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It’s not an undisclosed fact that a primary coin contribution is one of the hottest topics nowadays. By raising dollars, it enables the start of inventive start ups and provides the chance for investors.

Nowadays the most important or frequently asked questions are on how to launch an ICO or how to figure Top ICOS to invest in.

Let’s leap in and examine the TOP 10 ICOs to invest in. The study is based upon the information provided by ICO rating in which 5 is the utmost score.


WePower policy aims to find key to relevant issues of funds access for energy developers and also direct savings access.

Rated as  one of the top healthcare platform on block chain



Now this top rated scheme boasts of an exceptional profile and thus making a great team.



Play2live is known to be one of most successful ICO



It has outstanding technical characteristics and also very high collective activity



A decentralized platform in gaming and VR industry which is designed for creating, renting and also selling 3D contents.


XYO Network

Its a blockchain based technology with a proof of crypto location and oracle network



AppCoins is a cryptocurrency intended to make simple and safer dealings.


Aid coin

A social service and non profit organisation



DreamTeam ICO is sports and gaming platform which is used for network management and recruitment.

How to make your own ICO at Ethereum?

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In request to make your own ICO, the initial step is that you have to think of a thought for your undertaking that ought to be imaginative and fascinating to draw in financial specialists.

•         You need to decide the motivation behind the tokens and what amount would be the underlying token supply. Other than the token supply, you have to ensure that it achieves the correct market and among however many individuals as would be prudent as this will be the premise of your venture.

•         You will require a group of engineers who will set up the design behind it, the whitepaper and the ICO site. The whitepaper is essential as this is the thing that will advise your clients and speculators about what all ICOs and tokens involve.

•         You will create keenly coded contracts that are strong and scrambled in order to stay away from any fakes et cetera. Every one of the agreements on Ethereum are coded in Solidity and distributes as erc20 tokens with the goal that it can enter the blockchain network.

•         The last advance is the showcasing effort for the ICOs with the goal that it can achieve the best possible clients and clients and make it renowned. The blockchain innovation depends exclusively on the UI and the more you publicize your item, the more income will it create.

Where to store your cryptocurrencies

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ICO venture is the following huge thing and the initial coin offering tokens and cryptocurrencies are pulling in various speculators from everywhere throughout the globe. ICO remains for Initial Coin Offer and it basically implies that the organization that is beginning another cryptographic money offers you a token of the digital money in return of another cash both genuine and advanced. These are then used to finance those cryptocurrencies.

Since these are advanced monetary standards, we require solid wallets for putting away these monetary forms and keeping them from programmers. The best altcoin wallets are:

•       • Bitcoin care is a unique BTC customer and it ensures your bitcoins against fakes and glitches, for example, spending the bitcoins twice et cetera. Due to the peculiar situation with Bitcoin in South Africa, a good wallet is a pressing issue. Anybody can get to the wallet yet you can encode your exchanges and bitcoins and ensure them with the assistance of a secret word.

•         Electrum is a well-known wallet among customers and takes a shot at various stages and you can encode the wallet utilizing a secret word and ensure your money.

•         Jaxx enables us to store various cryptocurrencies in the meantime and gives us an easy to understand interface for putting away and exchanges.

•         Rippex is another wallet that is especially for Ripple and permits us for simple exchanges, are anything but difficult to introduce and utilize and have a base charge to enact the wallet.

ICO Services and brownies: unearthed prospects

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The brownies in your lunch box will never see the world unless you open its lid. And not until you let its aroma fill the air with ecstasy that your classmates will pounce upon you for their share.  ICO services fulfil the same motto. Services of an ICO unearth the potential and display it to the world. Unless this is done, ICOs will remain latent in uncertainty.

ICO services primarily refer to the communication, impression, interaction and promotion of the ICO. Many companies prefer being the creator of their own portal of interaction and communication. Another lot outsource it to companies like or etc to construct the ICOs infrastructure. The main aim is to help the ICO reach as many ears and fingertips as possible. And to attain that, ICO services take care of the following:

Creative support in designing and making the portal look impressive.

Technical and legal support in the creation of a whitepaper for the ICO. A whitepaper is the most effective tool of marketing.

The more detailed and dense your whitepaper is, along with the impeccable presentation, the more attractive it is to the investors.

Digital marketing and Social media marketing. Social media is the easiest way to spread the word.

Public relations and Event management is another tool undertaken in expertise.

A few other companies also provide financial aid.


And while your intentions are clear, marketing carves a creative path for you to present the ICO idea and endear prospective investors. Thus, by this, ICO promotion is achieved.