ICO Coin Review: The Tiers

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Let’s divide the ICO process into three segments:

What is an ICO?

Pre ICO cryptocurrency

Coin review

It is necessary for investors to understand the effects ICOs have in a market. More often than not, more ICOs have been meaning the consistent growth of the coin market. In 2017, many ICOs were on the surge and equally many failed. It is, thus, important to know what the ICO is and how to study it, in order to make better investment decisions.


1. What is an ICO Bitcoin:

Dating back to the history, one of the first coins to have ever emerged in the cryptocurrency world is the Bitcoin. Rising as the new star of the market using the technology of blockchain. The first ICO was held and it was an experimenting success. ICO is a mix of IPO and crowdsale.


2. Pre ICO crypto

An ICO has three stages to it: the presale, the duration of ICO and the post-ICO.

Post ICO is never included in the ICO. Tokens during this period are cheaper and are available on exchanges.

But during the presale of tokens, the uncertainty of the coin and the tension of its performance is real.

The ICO is when the market cap is reached (or not). This phase will raise the funds needed for the company.


3. Coin reviews

Coin reviews are done after the ICO ends, during the post-ICO phase. Pertaining for a longer time, this will settle the stats of how well the coin is doing, will be doing or has done in the past.

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