ICO Regulations: The body of governance

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But isn’t cryptocurrency an ungoverned space of finance and trade? How can it be governed?

The Securities and Exchange Commission is a board in the US with objectives to:

Resolve issues pertaining to cryptocurrencies such as fraud and failures.

In the case of unruly negotiations etc. the US SEC is the solution.

What to know about SEC:

SEC does not monitor ICOs in the US. If someone tells you otherwise that in order to host an ICO you need to register with the SEC, beware.

But company registering with the SEC about the coins and related aggregates is necessary. The blockchain is still independent.

Investment is always heavily dense with risks. Your investment in coins travels across nations and platforms. SEC is not to be blamed in case of losses or challenges.

Allowed in the US but cryptocurrency is heavily regulated across all states.

The SEC disallows the endorsement and sponsorship of ICOs via celebrities and other such means.

Moreover, a ban has been imposed on banks and national credit card processors to make purchases from an ICO.


ICO newsletters have consistently emphasized the importance of investments and endured decisions regarding the topic. The Bitcoin Market Journal’s latest post talks about various such regulations in, any countries. Fun fact:  China, Nepal and Bangladesh are a few of the banned countries in the cryptocurrency scoping.

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