ICO Regulations: The body of governance

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But isn’t cryptocurrency an ungoverned space of finance and trade? How can it be governed?

The Securities and Exchange Commission is a board in the US with objectives to:

Resolve issues pertaining to cryptocurrencies such as fraud and failures.

In the case of unruly negotiations etc. the US SEC is the solution.

What to know about SEC:

SEC does not monitor ICOs in the US. If someone tells you otherwise that in order to host an ICO you need to register with the SEC, beware.

But company registering with the SEC about the coins and related aggregates is necessary. The blockchain is still independent.

Investment is always heavily dense with risks. Your investment in coins travels across nations and platforms. SEC is not to be blamed in case of losses or challenges.

Allowed in the US but cryptocurrency is heavily regulated across all states.

The SEC disallows the endorsement and sponsorship of ICOs via celebrities and other such means.

Moreover, a ban has been imposed on banks and national credit card processors to make purchases from an ICO.


ICO newsletters have consistently emphasized the importance of investments and endured decisions regarding the topic. The Bitcoin Market Journal’s latest post talks about various such regulations in, any countries. Fun fact:  China, Nepal and Bangladesh are a few of the banned countries in the cryptocurrency scoping.

Best altcoins

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The money of the future, cryptocurrency is trending globally. With this investors interested in investing money in these currencies have increased. As a result we saw many upcoming cryptocurrency 2017 as well as 2018.The increased demand for these has led to a surge in the price of the cryptocurrencies. Among all the top cryptocurrencies to invest in the bitcoin is the most popular one right now.

This trend of digital currency started with Bitcoins. Today Bitcoin is commonly accepted as a form of payment. The anonymous developer of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto introduced it as the side product of “A peer-to-peer electronic cash system”, a decentralized digital cash system.

Following Bitcoin many other cryptocurrencies came up. But Bitcoin still remains the leader of digital cash system. These Bitcoin alternatives is known as altcoins. There are more than hundreds of altcoins and more come up every single day. Most of them aspire to replace bitcoin as the leader but doesn’t last for long.These are some of the best 5 altcoins till now:

Ethereum is the second most valuable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Launched in July 2015, the price of ethereum has been rising steeply. It gave a return of about 17000%.

Litecoin popularly referred to as the “silver to bitcoin’s gold”. Its launch aimed to transcend the shortcomings of bitcoin.

NEO has given great returns in the previous years.

Cardano is a popular currency among investors and developers

EOS has one of the most successful ICOs

Best ICOs from 2017

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While 2017 was not a really bright year for ICOs, with more than half of the ICOs failing by the end of February 2018, there are a few ICOs that managed to create a huge buzz. As per the data received, the biggest ICO fundraisers of 2017 would be

Polkadot- $145 million

The Bancor Protocol- $153 million

Sirin labs- $157 million

Tezos- $232 million

Filecoin- $257 million

Amongst these, there is also another ICO that often goes unnoticed. This ICO is the Lockchain ICO.

What is the Lockchain ICO?

Lockchain is a decentralized opensource booking platform that helps hoteliers and property owners rent their property worldwide to anyone, collect money and manage bookings, all by themselves, without the help of a middleman.

What are the best news sources for ICO traders and investors?

IF you are an ICO trader, you already know how important it is for you to keep track of the ICO you have invested in. There are thousands of websites out there that will help you keep track of your ICO. However, here is a list of a few websites that will keep you regularly updated with all the news related to an ICO.






And many more.

ICO Coin Review: The Tiers

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Let’s divide the ICO process into three segments:

What is an ICO?

Pre ICO cryptocurrency

Coin review

It is necessary for investors to understand the effects ICOs have in a market. More often than not, more ICOs have been meaning the consistent growth of the coin market. In 2017, many ICOs were on the surge and equally many failed. It is, thus, important to know what the ICO is and how to study it, in order to make better investment decisions.


1. What is an ICO Bitcoin:

Dating back to the history, one of the first coins to have ever emerged in the cryptocurrency world is the Bitcoin. Rising as the new star of the market using the technology of blockchain. The first ICO was held and it was an experimenting success. ICO is a mix of IPO and crowdsale.


2. Pre ICO crypto

An ICO has three stages to it: the presale, the duration of ICO and the post-ICO.

Post ICO is never included in the ICO. Tokens during this period are cheaper and are available on exchanges.

But during the presale of tokens, the uncertainty of the coin and the tension of its performance is real.

The ICO is when the market cap is reached (or not). This phase will raise the funds needed for the company.


3. Coin reviews

Coin reviews are done after the ICO ends, during the post-ICO phase. Pertaining for a longer time, this will settle the stats of how well the coin is doing, will be doing or has done in the past.

Best rated ICO

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With the increase of ICOs also came the increase of the ‘ICO economy’, which refers to the economic activity that has sprung out of the explosion in coin offerings and require a series of peripheral services to thrive. This is unquestionably an brilliant development that shows how cryptocurrencies are creating jobs opportunities and are a driver for economic movement. However, as we know from the gesture of ICO scam an increase in underperforming ICO-funded blockchain projects and doubtful ICO marketing practices there are few contestant in the economy  who have little regard for business ethics. Regrettably some ICO rating agencies apparently fall into this category.

According to ICO report news, the best rated ICO list states current and upcoming ICOs which offers a trending list of ICOs.

Mt Pelerin




Elpis investments




Smart Trip platform


Ongoing ICO list is as follows:


CoinAnalyst : this is the Bloomberg of ICO  space and crypto.

Boomstarter .Network




Natmin Pure Escrow