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Ethereum token wallet

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Ethereum is an open software platform created through the blockchain technology.  And a token is any digital asset that is created on this block chain platform. These tokens are similar to bitcoin but cannot be used as actual currencies used in day-to-day life like the bitcoins. An ERC20 token is the most popular.

Ethereum token wallet is the gateway to decentralized applications on the blockchain. You can build your Ethereum token wallet.  By holding your own Ethereum token wallet you can use your currency for whatever purpose you wish. By creating your own wallet you can free your funds from third-party control. Because of this a lot of investors are heading towards creating their own wallet leading to a natural rise in demand for these wallets.

While creating your own wallet investors should ensure that their wallets have private keys, Easy user interface, compatibility with different operating systems and back up and restore facilities. An absence of any one of these features might put their fund at risk.

Following are some wallets for Ethereum that can be used by investors to store their funds safely:

1. Binance.

2. KuCoin.

3. Cex.

4.Bitterex .

5. Changelly.


With time these tokens will surely increase their value and make you rich if you keep them safe.

How to invest in cryptocurrency?

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In the ruling world of crypto currency, Bitcoin is the king then Ethereum is the queen.

Ethereum (ETH’s) price has risen significantly as its one of the most evident crypto currency right now. It trades under the representation of ETH, is the given name for the crypto currency symbol native to Ethereum’s  blockchain-based contract platform.

Well, the code printed on the Ethereum blockchain can’t be distorted, tempered, or hacked. This tamper-proof characteristic ensured by cryptography makes it an appealing application of the blockchain technology. Ethereum is not just only a blockchain. it’s also  a decentralized programmable block chain-based software display place. Yes, you can say that its conjugal to its crypto currency advantage.

So how to invest in crypto currency? First of all you need to decide about how much to invest, where to invest and which kind of crypto currency you need to invest in. It is also essential to be strategic in understanding the basic fundamentals of a digital asset. Primary analyses are the top indicators for long-term investors so you’ll require a basic understanding of how a coin or Initial Coin Offering (ICO) works, about its history and also what it offers before choosing to contribute in its growth.

Here is a short list of the upcoming cryptocurrencies:






Best rated ICO

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With the increase of ICOs also came the increase of the ‘ICO economy’, which refers to the economic activity that has sprung out of the explosion in coin offerings and require a series of peripheral services to thrive. This is unquestionably an brilliant development that shows how cryptocurrencies are creating jobs opportunities and are a driver for economic movement. However, as we know from the gesture of ICO scam an increase in underperforming ICO-funded blockchain projects and doubtful ICO marketing practices there are few contestant in the economy  who have little regard for business ethics. Regrettably some ICO rating agencies apparently fall into this category.

According to ICO report news, the best rated ICO list states current and upcoming ICOs which offers a trending list of ICOs.

Mt Pelerin




Elpis investments




Smart Trip platform


Ongoing ICO list is as follows:


CoinAnalyst : this is the Bloomberg of ICO  space and crypto.

Boomstarter .Network




Natmin Pure Escrow