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How to choose a worthy ICO for investment?

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There are thousands of ICOs on the market and each of them is promising returns beyond beliefs and helpful bonuses. Sounds lucrative. However, before investing your money to every good-looking project, take the trouble to check them. The chances of encountering a fraud are quite high.

There are couple of basic rules that every investor should know by heart. For example, the first thing you should do is to read the whitepaper carefully. This document is supposed to contain vital information about the project, like plan of actions, essential milestones etc. The more detailed explanation-the better. A well-written whitepaper indicates a trustworthy project, where the team knows exactly what to do and how to achieve results. Speaking of the team, this important detailcan’t stay unnoticed or ignored. All team members must be experienced in the field they are representing. Each member should have a link to social media. If, on the contrary, the team members are hidden, or do not have sufficient expertise, this is a sure mark of a scam. Checking a community and social media is also a good idea.

So, you have checked the white paper, the team, read all of the reviews on all kinds of blogs and now you are sure about your investment choice. The question is where to buy ICO tokens. The answer is simple- crypto exchange. Tokens are a popular investment nowadays, so almost any exchange offers a vide choice of those assets. Binapex is not an exception, all the most popular tokens as BAT, GNY and IOST are already available there. The exchange uses the two-factor authentication to ensure user security. Needless to say, all requirements of Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Client policies are strictly met.

ICOs are gaining the market now and attract a great deal of investors. Yet, one can never be too careful.