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What is ICO?

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ICO is the abbreviation for Initial Coin Offering and is the starting point of any cryptocurrency. It involves a blockchain technology and the people investing in the newly launched cryptocurrencies by investing in ICOs can have a share in the currency and pay with the help of other cryptocurrencies or real money as well. The question here arises is that how is the Crypto ICO different from stock IPO?

ICO has particularly garnered the attention of those traders who are looking to make some quick money and the initial stages of the ICO are basically gathering money and crowd and one needs to know ICO before investing. In many ways it is quite similar to IPO but the main points of difference include the presence of some mandatory regulations that govern and recognize IPO but there is no such case for ICO. The whitepaper for ICO includes all the important points and terms and conditions. However, the company might include and exclude any points without any organization to answer to and is a concern among patrons regarding the lack of clarity and transparency.

Another major difference between IPO and ICO is their utility and value. While IPO stocks can be classified into common stock or hybrid and so on and their value can be redeemed in the future. Whereas, the value of the ICO stock depends on its utility and it increases with more adoption of the coin but it entirely depends on how the coin is created.

ICO Services and brownies: unearthed prospects

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The brownies in your lunch box will never see the world unless you open its lid. And not until you let its aroma fill the air with ecstasy that your classmates will pounce upon you for their share.  ICO services fulfil the same motto. Services of an ICO unearth the potential and display it to the world. Unless this is done, ICOs will remain latent in uncertainty.

ICO services primarily refer to the communication, impression, interaction and promotion of the ICO. Many companies prefer being the creator of their own portal of interaction and communication. Another lot outsource it to companies like icoservices.com or icolaunchgroup.com etc to construct the ICOs infrastructure. The main aim is to help the ICO reach as many ears and fingertips as possible. And to attain that, ICO services take care of the following:

Creative support in designing and making the portal look impressive.

Technical and legal support in the creation of a whitepaper for the ICO. A whitepaper is the most effective tool of marketing.

The more detailed and dense your whitepaper is, along with the impeccable presentation, the more attractive it is to the investors.

Digital marketing and Social media marketing. Social media is the easiest way to spread the word.

Public relations and Event management is another tool undertaken in expertise.

A few other companies also provide financial aid.


And while your intentions are clear, marketing carves a creative path for you to present the ICO idea and endear prospective investors. Thus, by this, ICO promotion is achieved.