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It’s not an undisclosed fact that a primary coin contribution is one of the hottest topics nowadays. By raising dollars, it enables the start of inventive start ups and provides the chance for investors.

Nowadays the most important or frequently asked questions are on how to launch an ICO or how to figure Top ICOS to invest in.

Let’s leap in and examine the TOP 10 ICOs to invest in. The study is based upon the information provided by ICO rating in which 5 is the utmost score.


WePower policy aims to find key to relevant issues of funds access for energy developers and also direct savings access.

Rated as  one of the top healthcare platform on block chain



Now this top rated scheme boasts of an exceptional profile and thus making a great team.



Play2live is known to be one of most successful ICO



It has outstanding technical characteristics and also very high collective activity



A decentralized platform in gaming and VR industry which is designed for creating, renting and also selling 3D contents.


XYO Network

Its a blockchain based technology with a proof of crypto location and oracle network



AppCoins is a cryptocurrency intended to make simple and safer dealings.


Aid coin

A social service and non profit organisation



DreamTeam ICO is sports and gaming platform which is used for network management and recruitment.

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